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Articles & Exercises

We have included here a variety of articles by Dennis Lewis on the relationship of breathing to health, well-being, and spiritual growth, as well as some safe, powerful breathing exercises. Also included are some radio and cable TV interviews with Dennis Lewis that have taken place over the past few years.

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Free Breathing Exercises & Practices
Breathing-Oriented Articles, Interviews, & Information
Audio and Video Interviews with Dennis Lewis

Free Breathing Exercises & Practices

bulletWho Are You? Check in On Your Breathing Now (discover a new attitude toward your breath)
bulletBreathing In, Breathing Out (a powerful, traditional practice for self-transformation)
bulletBelly Breathing (a fundamental Authentic Breathing® practice)
bulletStraw Breathing (a safe, powerful exercise for the diaphragm)
bulletThe Tan Tien Cleansing Breath (a safe, effective practice for health and healing)
bulletA Breathing Meditation (a simple meditation that you can do daily)

Breathing-Oriented Articles & Information

Recently Added
bulletThe Seven Secrets of Deep Breathing (first published in Dennis Lewis' blog)
Previous Articles
bulletBreathing & Other Suggestions for Reducing Blood Pressure
bulletHolotropic Breathwork
bulletThe Buteyko Deep Breathing Test
bulletTen Secrets for Better Breathing
bulletHealthy Lungs, Healthy Eyes, by Esther 'Joy' van der Werf
bulletTips on How to Breathe While Doing Aerobic Exercise
bulletSome Facts About Deep Breathing
bulletLearning How to Stand for Better Breathing
bulletA Misconception About the Diaphragm
bulletBreathing for Athletes: Proper Breathing is Essential for Athletes and Non-Athletes Alike, by Perry Fields, a member of the U.S. Track & Field Team.
bulletBreathing: A Living Metaphor (a passage from Chapter 1 of The Tao of Natural Breathing.
bulletInterview with Dennis Lewis On His Work With Breath in The Empty Vessel (Fall 2000). This will give you an excellent overview of Dennis' approach to work with breath.
bulletBreathing, Negative Emotions, & Stress (including a passage from The Tao of Natural Breathing)
bulletHyperventilation & Health
bulletAsthma Overview: Learn About the Latest Theories & Warning Signs in Children
bulletThe Law of Least Effort in Doing Breathing Exercises (Including a passage from The Tao of Natural Breathing)
bulletHealthy Living through Free, Natural Breathing (Published in The National Qigong Association Newsletter, Spring 2000)
bulletA Warning about Breathing Exercises
bulletThe Mechanics of Deep Breathing
bulletA Short Article on Belly Breathing
bulletThe Importance of Abdominal Breathing
bulletAwareness Through Breathing
bulletBreathing and Acid Reflux Disease
bulletBreathing and Weight Loss

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For more breathing tips, insights, and exercises, take a look at Dennis Lewis' book Free Your Breath, Free Your Life (Shambhala Publications) a book that acclaimed MD Christiane Northrup calls "the most compelling and complete book on breathing I've ever read," and business guru Tom Peters calls "brilliant."

Audio and Video Interviews with Dennis Lewis


"Breathing Space into Space": Don't miss this instructive and meditative interview of me by Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True. The interview (55 minutes), entitled "Breathing Space into Space," is part of her "Insights at the Edge" series, "interviews with leading spiritual teachers and writers about their latest challenges--the 'leading edge' of their work."


Listen to a 55 minute interview Dennis did with KMUD radio (Environment Show: Perceiving Anew, with John Christianson) on January 29th, 2008. Or, if you are having a problem with the Perceiving Anew link above or wish to download the MP 3 file (52.1 megabytes) from the Authentic Breathing website, just click here.


View (on You Tube) Dennis Lewis' one-hour appearance on the Bridging Heaven & Earth show in 1997.


Listen to a 49-minute radio interview on breathing done by KUCI, 88.9 FM in Irvine, CA in April 2005; just visit The Enlightenment Project and page down to the player just below the Free Your Breath, Free Your Life book cover, and click on the play symbol to listen to the interview.


Listen to a 13-minute interview on breathing with Dennis Lewis (conducted by Len Saputo MD and Vickie Saputo for "The Fast Track Edition" of their show Prescriptions for Health in August 2004.


Be sure to also visit our Research & Tips page and our Frequently Asked Questions page

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