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Safe Approaches to Better Breathing & Health!

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bulletImprove your breathing and your health today! Appropriate breathing exercises are just one part of a balanced approach. Researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil can often help with problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema, as well as with many other health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, ADD, arthritis, depression, and many more. Omega-3 fatty acids are also very important before, during, and after pregnancy. Learn about the medical miracle of fish oil, including Dr. Barry Sears' new patented super fish oil, and what Dr. Barry Sears (originator of The Zone Diet) says about fish-oil purity and the advantages of ultra-refined fish oil. Special offer for first-time customers: receive 10 percent off on your first order!

bulletRead what others have to say about Dennis Lewis' most recent book (Quest Books, May, 2009): Breathe Into Being: Awakening to Who you Really Are.

bulletBreathing tips, principles, insights, techniques, exercises, practices, and meditations: Be sure to take a look at Dennis' highly acclaimed book, Free Your Breath, Free Your Life--a book that noted M.D. Christiane Northrup calls "the most compelling and complete book on breathing I've ever read," and famed business guru Tom Peters calls "brilliant," and says that it is one of "three books I carry that keep me sane amidst an insane schedule."

bulletRead material from The Tao of Natural Breathing, which the San Francisco Chronicle described as "a book to make you (and all your organs) smile," and about which well-known yoga teacher and author Judith Hanson Lasater says it "gently entices us to allow our conscious breath to become the teacher, the healer, and the expression of our soul." Learn how to breathe in a natural, healthy way, as well as safe powerful breathing exercises and practices for health and self-transformation.

bulletNatural Breathing CD: Listen to Dennis Lewis and let him guide you through fundamental breathing exercises, principles, techniques, and practices that can help you open up your breathing spaces and discover your own natural breath. Learn more about his powerful and meditative three-CD audio program from Sounds True Natural Breathing: Teachings & Exercises for Health and Self-Transformation. You can also listen to a free excerpt from this unique audio program, which was first published as a two-tape audio program under the title Breathing as a Metaphor for Living.

bulletBreathing and high blood pressure: Do you have high blood pressure? Try RESPeRATE, the FDA-cleared device that can slow down your breath rate in a safe, natural way; help reduce stress and anxiety; and has been clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure. RESPeRATE is not only effective for many people but is also safe and extremely easy to use. Also, check out our article about  breathing, supplements, and lifestyle changes to reduce high blood pressure.

bulletBooks on breathing, breathwork, health, fitness, diet, healing, chant, music, qigong, Gurdjieff, and consciousness. Be sure to visit our bookstore and see recommendations by Dennis Lewis.

bulletBreathing and breath-related research & tips--see how insulin control and high-dose fish oil may be able to help you breathe better and improve your overall health, and may even help with COPD.

bulletBetter breathing, high blood pressure, stress relief, fitness, meditation, detoxification, and improved health: learn about safe, powerful products from our affiliates: breathing technology for reducing high blood pressure; CDs, videos, and manuals for optimal breathing; and the medical miracle of fish oil.

bulletVisit Our Authentic Breathing Recommendations Store, for books on breathing, Gurdjieff, Self-Transformation, and Self Realization that we recommend.

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Transformative Classes, Workshops and Tools

Authentic Breathing® Resources LLC offers classes, workshops, and hands-on sessions, along with safe, powerful breathing exercises, techniques, and practices, designed to help you regain the transformative power of natural, authentic breathing in your everyday life. The innovative products available through our site (and our affiliates) include:

Breathe Into Being: Awakening To Who You Really Are, Dennis Lewis' latest book (May 2009);

The Tao of Natural Breathing, Dennis Lewis' first book on breathing, considered by many as a classic;

Free Your Breath, Free Your Life, by Dennis Lewis (published by Shambhala Publications in May 2004). Be sure to read what MDs, breathing professionals, and others have to say about this book;

Natural Breathing, the three-CD audio program (including guided exercises and meditations) by Dennis Lewis from Sounds True (download a CD-quality MP3 sample file);

Authentic Breathing News, gain free access to breath-related tips; safe, monthly breathing exercises; insightful commentary by Dennis Lewis; questions and observations from newsletter readers; news from Authentic Breathing Resources; and workshop information;

Ultra-refined fish oil, and other health supplements and nutrients, order through Zone Labs, Inc.

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